Subscriptions/Donations for 2021

Following the Extraordinary RNA National Conference held on 21 December 2020, conducted on Zoom and attended by Pete Shoesmith, there has been a major change of policy regarding subscriptions. The full details can be found on the National President’s newsletter on the RNA National Website here.

Basically 179 delegates unanimously voted in favour of a National Council Motion to do away with subscriptions and replace them with donations to RNA Central Office. This has the backing of the RN & RM Charity who will continue to support the RNA, in fact they have already pledged £20,000 for 2021.

With this information in mind the Portland Branch Committee have proposed the following:

“That Members continue to pay £14 in lieu of Annual Subscription to our membership secretary Karen. £5 per Member would be paid to the Masonic Lodge for use of their premises, the remaining £9 going into your Branch funds. When funds are sufficiently available, Members will then decide how much should be donated to the Association”.

Hopefully this will be decided when we meet again and the proposal put to the Members for approval. Obviously this matter should have been discussed with Members but we feel sure that in the current climate, and as your committee has a mandate to do what they think is correct, we have made these arrangements in order to give Karen a fighting chance to collect your monies. With this in mind if you have not already contacted Karen could you please do so at your earliest opportunity.

You can contact Karen at

Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours Aye

S/M Alex Oswald Chairman

S/M Peter Shoesmith Treasurer