Request for information regarding Portland war memorials

From Ben Cartwright, Chairman,

I have had the following request from a Keith King []
“I am doing remote internet voluntary work for the Imperial War Museum, checking location details of local war memorials. I have come across the memorials to 4 ships (HMS Foylebank/Hood/Delight/Glamorgan) commemorated on plaques said to be in St Pauls Royal Naval Chapel in Castletown. Do you know if the building still exists or w(h)ere the memorials moved elsewhere when the base closed? Many thanks for your assistance KK”
Can anyone shed any light on the matter?
I believe that the building still exists but as a private house or workshop.
When they closed the Chapel, the Sin Bosun relocated to the new Wardroom in Castletown.
I have contacted the IWM and have had confirmation of his authenticity.
Many thanks