Shipmates ~ Messages from your Social Sec & Treasurer

* Annual Dinner on Saturday 27th April at the Masonic Hall, Victoria Square. Please bring your menu choices and £20.00 per person to the meeting this evening (3rd April). There’s still plenty of room if anyone else would like to attend.
Dave, Social Sec.

* There is a new system for clearing cheques at the bank which speeds up the clearing process. Each cheque is scanned at the counter when paid in. Please make sure cheques are made payable to either ‘Portland RNA’ or ‘Portland Royal Naval Association’. Any alterations on the cheque should have the payee’s signature alongside the alteration, not the payee’s initials as previously. Please do not write anything on the back of the cheque. The minimum amount should be £20.00 as we can only pay in twice per month, with a maximum of 10 cheques each time. Your cooperation would be appreciated.
Peter, Treasurer