An Update From Your Chairman


I hope you are all well and coping as this dreadful Pandemic continues. I thought now would be the right time to give you an update as once again we have been forced to cancel our monthly Branch Meeting, making it six in a row. At the moment there seems to be little prospect of holding another meeting for the foreseeable future.

During the lockdown and subsequent weeks the Branch has been represented at several funerals and also Remembrance Events such as VE and VJ Days. S/Ms Ben Cartwright and Alf Larkin have done sterling work parading Standards, and it has been good to see other Branch Members attending. Well done lads for your support.

I would like to assure you all that your Branch Committee is still functioning, albeit in a socially distanced form, and willing to offer any assistance to Branch Members if needed. Just get in touch.

Our esteemed Secretary S/M Annie has been forwarding various docs from Central Office etc. for information and attention.

Our Welfare Reps S/Ms Gill and Graham have been keeping a watchful eye on things despite both being hospitalised themselves recently.

The financial wizard aka Branch Treasurer S/M Peter has continued to produce his Monthly Statement for the Committee’s perusal. Our fundraiser S/M Lynn and also our Raffle ladies have had a very quiet period as all events have been cancelled.

Our hardworking Social Sec S/M Dave has been arranging/cancelling then rearranging Dinner dates for 2021, but is hopeful that the Away Weekend will still go ahead in October.

We have kept our Webmaster pretty busy over the last few months, posting various messages, notes and other info on the Branch Facebook page and Website. Thank you S/M Rich.

Our Membership Sec S/M Karen has been busy updating our Branch Information for a new database at Central Office.

Here’s hoping it won’t be too long before we can get together for a great night of refreshment and banter (and the Meeting of course).

One final point: I am always available if you wish to contact me regarding any queries you may have.

Yours Aye Alex
RNA Portland Branch