The Royal Naval Association: HMS Nottingham podcast

Shipmates, RNA Central Office are inviting members to listen to a Podcast with the former Commanding Officer of HMS Nottingham:-

HMS Nottingham aground – from the CO’s perspective

On June 7th 2002, HMS Nottingham ran aground on Wolf Rock, making headline news all over the world. Richard Farrington CBE, the Commanding Officer, was the man in charge of the ship and its 270+ Ships Company, and there are mixed reports about his whereabouts when the accident occurred.

This week on the Dit On podcastJenna sits down with Richard to hear his emotional, first-hand account of the incident; from the moment the ship hit the ground, through the aftermath, clearing up any misreported information.

This is an incredibly moving account of what was a stressful and frightening period of time for everyone involved. We’re sure you’ll agree that what comes across the strongest is Richard’s adoration and respect for every member of his Ships Company and their professionalism in the face of serious adversity.

Listen here!