A thank you from Captain Noma, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force

We have received the following from Captain Noma via Alan Mirams, Secretary Weymouth Branch RNA.

Ben Cartwright, President
RNA Portland Branch

From Captain Noma JMSDF,
“Thank you for having us at memorial service of PO Harada last Friday.

Again, on behalf of our ambassador, people of Japan, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force which is a descendant of IJN, I would like to extend our huge thanks to British people’s thoughts for our service man who gave his life to our countries and very sadly was unable to see his loved ones in the country.

I will inform PO Harada’s grandson of the memorial service, and most importantly of your people’s thoughts that he is still remembered here in UK.

On different note. I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly share any POC information of Japanese ladies who attended the ceremony last Friday. I could not enough time to exchange the POC information with them, but I would definitely like to tell them my thanks.

Thank you again and let’s keep in touch.

Warmest Regards,

在英国日本国大使館 防衛駐在官
1等海佐 野間 俊英
Captain(N) Toshihide NOMA, JMSDF
Defence Attaché
Embassy of Japan in the U.K.