Bravo Zulu Ben! Area Standard Bearers Competition 2019

No.4 Area Standard Bearers Competition 2019

Having travelled to Bridgwater for the previous three Sundays for the training and practice sessions under the mentoring of the Area Ceremonial Officer Malcom Day, the Competition for the Open and Closed Competitions took place on Sunday 24th February 2019 at the Sea Cadets Headquarters at Bridgwater. Unfortunately, there were only four competitors this year but the competition was still very tight.

The Competitors 2019

Firstly, the three judges, Charles H, Tony Seal and Joy Haskins (a former winner herself in 2003) inspected the Competitors and points were awarded for the smartness and cleanliness of their dress and personal kit (including making you stand on one leg to check the soles of your shoes!) and on the condition and cleanliness of their Standards.
After a short break the competitors carried out a set routine of drills to prove their skills in marching at both the quick and slow times, and in the controlling of the Standard during the drill movements. Marks being awarded by the judges after each stage.
Once all competitors had completed their ‘runs’ the scores were totted up and scrutinised.

The results being;

1st place and Area Standard Bearer                        Ben Cartwright, Portland Branch
2nd place and Deputy Area Standard Bearer       Mike Morton, Bridgwater Branch
3rd place                                                                       Dennis Mathews, Dorchester Branch
4th place                                                                       Jerry Fleming, Liskeard Branch

The cups were presented by the Area Chairman Ron Burdekin.

Standard Bearers and Malcolm Day

The day concluded with a light finger buffet and beverages provided by our ladies and ourselves. A draw was held with the proceeds being donated to Bridgwater Sea Cadets for the use of their building.

Ben Cartwright
President and Area Standard Bearer
Portland Branch RNA