Donations by RNA No 4 Reunion Committee

Message from Area Delegate S/M Pete Shoesmith.


Listed below are the donations that are kindly being made by the Area Reunion Committee. I am very pleased to say that the Portland Bid for the Weymouth & Portland Veterans Hub proposed by the Late Charles H was successful. What a great shame that he is not able to see the final outcome of his efforts.

Thank you all who attended Reunion this year, we were the largest branch attending again and as you well know most of the amount raised is from the raffles held over the weekend.

To Weymouth Veteran’s Hub:                       £1800.00

To Sea Cadet fund of No 4 Area:                   £250.00

To The Not Forgotten Association:               £250.00

To No 4 Area Welfare fund:                            £227.00

To No 4 Area General fund:                            £125.00

To S/M Tricia Cornwell, Bodmin Branch:   £125.00


S/M Pete Shoesmith

Portland Branch Area Delegate and Deputy Chairman No 4 Area RNA