Letter from HMS PORTLAND

I have received the following email from Lt Billy Lale, an Officer of the Watch on HMS PORTLAND. It is good to hear the ship is at sea and progressing well with her trials and work-ups.
Nigel Rimell
Vice Chairman and HMS PORTLAND Liaison Officer
RNA Portland Branch
Good afternoon.
Firstly many thanks for your letter, it was very nice to receive the letter and be able to start building a good relationship between HMS PORTLAND and the Portland RNA.
I first joined HMS PORTLAND back in 2004 as a Operator Mechanic and have recently re-joined as a Lt having commissioned in July 2019. As you are probably aware, we have been in re-fit for a prolonged period and are now conducting various trials to ensure PORTLAND is ready in all respects for any tasking that we may be called upon to conduct.
We have just completed our first set of FOST training, which was based around various state-3 CBRNDC exercises. PORTLAND managed to really impress FOST staff with the hard work and positive attitude that she is known for.
Once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted and we are in a position to enable the ship to be open to visitors I thoroughly look forward to meeting you and other members of the RNA and be in a position where I can give you a tour of the ship and enjoy a bottle of Portland Pride!
Many Thanks,