No 4 Area Reunion – Email From Fay Lawton

For those who went to Bideford, a message from S/M Fay Lawton, Reunion Secretary with a PS from S/M Pete Shoesmith.
Good afternoon Shipmates, It’s nice that I can now look at my rouges gallery and know who I’m talking to.
Thank you for getting your branches and standards onboard, we’ve had various emails from the Rector and Lay Preacher at St. Margaret’s and they were delighted with the way the service went and have invited us back next year.
I’m hoping to put something in the local Bideford/Barnstable papers and will assume that the standard bearers are happy to have their faces included, if anyone doesn’t I’ll overprint them with Kermit the frog, privacy laws state that I ask their permission.
According to NOFAMS my first contact with branches must be with your branch secretaries, unfortunately they don’t always pass the information on. For next year I will contact secretaries and then send booking forms out to branch reps, if you stand down as your branch rep could you please pass me the new reps contact details, knowing who the reps were was my biggest headache this year.
I will try and get the forms out so that you have 2 meetings before the deadline, one to get names and one to collect monies.
We will be changing things a little for next year, the entertainment is one area that we need to look at. If anyone has any suggestions we will happily listen. I know Durrant House has a bingo machine, line dancing to taped music, if it doesn’t cost too much will be open to ideas. The branch that wants line dancing might have to organise it!.
Thank you again for your support in helping to make it a successful reunion after a 3 year absence.
Signing off till September
Kind regards
S/m Fay Lawton
Reunion Secretary
A further bit of late news, Church congregation totalled 175, normally 28!!