Portland Hippies Bring Home the Cup!

Ten of us took part in the Chairman’s Concert at the No.4 Area Reunion at Bideford last
Sunday 4th March ’18. Our act was titled ‘Love’ and the scenario was that I assumed that
we would sing some ’70s songs with ‘a bit of a beat’ and the common theme of love, whereas
the others were under the impression that we would do the peace and love hippie type songs.

So I went to the front, dressed in the usual casual gear, and then the others entered in
their splendid hippie attire. Anyhow, with much muttering and shouts of ‘Let’s go to San
Francisco’ in between songs, we sang ‘Under the Moon of Love’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing
Called Love’.

We then agreed to sing ‘So Happy Together’ which was from the hippie era, and asked the
audience to join in. While the others handed out song sheets, I said ‘if you can’t beat
them join them’ and dashed off and donned a flowery shirt and wig. Meanwhile, the DJ had
the idea to play ‘If You’re Going to San Francisco’ and everyone sang along.

We then sang ‘So Happy Together’ along with the audience and finished up by walking off
singing along to ‘Let’s go to San Francisco’.

It doesn’t seem to be much when writing about it, but it actually worked very well. We
enjoyed ourselves, the audience enjoyed it and they sang along.

No doubt you will all know by now that we were the only branch to do anything in the
concert, but we were determined to carry on regardless after all the time and effort spent
on it. At least we are probably the first branch to be unanimously voted the best act!

The only trophy to be returned from last year was the Tremlett Cup, so this was presented
to us by No.4 Area Chairman, Ron Burdekin. We demand the Rose Bowl as well!

My grateful thanks to Colleen, Christine, Ben & Josie, Nige & Lynne, Grahame & Gill and
Doc for giving up their time and especially for their efforts in getting such brilliant

Dave, Social Sec.