Remembrance Sunday ~ Branch Standard at Portland Cenotaph

From your Standard Bearer,

This morning I attended the Cenotaph with your Standard.

The turn out from the general public exceed that which I expected, but nothing like on the scale we have seen in previous years. Many members of the Branch attended. Surprising how many picked that time and place to exercise themselves and their pets!

At 1100 the Last Post was sounded, the Standard dipped and the crowd fell silent. After the appropriate length of time the Bugler sounded the Reveille and the Standard was brought back to the carry. At this juncture I took the opportunity to retire in order that members of the public could lay their wreaths amongst those that had been laid earlier. Before dispersing we sang the first verse of the National Anthem.

On the way home I visited St Georges Church yard and, individually, paid respects at the gravesides of the 26 veterans from all the Services who are interred there. At present they are all marked with a Union Flag courtesy of the ‘ Forget them not at St Georges’ group who have spent many hour clearing away the weeds and brambles etc. Magnificent job. Well worth a looksee.

The photo’s are by Lindsay Scott and have been shared on Facebook.

Ben Cartwright
President and Standard Bearer
RNA Portland Branch