Visit to HMS Duncan


Saturday night out onboard HMS Duncan alongside in Portland for members of the Portland and Dorchester branches when we visited the latest of the type 45 destroyers to enter the Fleet.
From the meet and greet and delivery to the ship in good order it was obvious that the ship’s team were well drilled and enthusiastic.
The Commanding Officer, Commander Eleanor Stack Royal Navy introduced her ship and it’s company in a very well delivered speech. HMS Duncan has already completed a very busy schedule and now prepares to deploy for another three months as part of a NATO force to the Northern waters. HMS Duncan will play an important role in escorting the UK’s new Aircraft Carriers, the two biggest ships ever built for the Royal Navy.
What is a Reception and Capability Demonstration RCD?
People often ask what a Reception and Capability Demonstration is so here is a short explanation.
Warships spend almost all their time either deployed on operations, training for them or undertaking the regular maintenance essential to keep such complex machines finely tuned. On a few occasions each year, however, they have the opportunity to visit non naval ports in the UK. This is not just for rest and recreation, though that is an important element, but to allow what we call “regional engagement” to take place.
What is Regional Engagement?
It is a fact that 95% of all our imports come by sea and this includes oil and natural gas; yet how our trade routes and energy supplies are protected is hardly known by the public. These ship visits are designed to engage with all elements of the community to increase awareness and understanding of the maritime domain and thus reduce this so called “sea blindness”.
During the visit the ship will undertake a number of tasks normally including being open to visit by members of the general public, hosting organised tours from educational establishments and youth groups, offering potential recruits tailored visits and, at the heart of the visit, the Reception and Capability Demonstration.
An extremely interesting and entertaining evening for the numerous guests who gathered at the hangar for a ceremonial sunset to end proceedings and signal our time to say farewell.
Yours Aye
Dan Sherren MSM
Area 4 PRO